Mass Effect begins conversation on sex and video games


You’re probably familiar with the manufactured controversy surrounding Mass Effect, with misinformed pundits lampooning its graphic sex acts. You know, those sex acts that don’t really exist. But Next Generation took the opportunity to address the subject at large—sex in video games, and how to incorporate it in a productive manner. By first doing away with the myth that wanton sex sells video games—BMX XXX comes to mind—and then citing sexuality in art, the author quickly sets the tone for article. The article is more adult in its presentation of sex than, say, Fox News’ lopsided coverage of the story (but that could just be a function of the different media, print vs. television, as was a thesis in “Amusing Ourselves to Death“).

So if you’ve got a minute to think about the topic without going into hysterics, swing by Next Generation. I’m not one to jump on the bash-Fox-News bandwagon, but its coverage of the topic was pretty half-assed.

Coming of Age: Sex, Lies & Videogames [Next Generation]