From the cheap + weird files: the iPatch iSight camera lens

[photopress:ipatch.jpg,full,center]Scared that l33t Haxx0rz are able to watch you through your MacBook or iMac’s iSight camera without you knowing it? Always on your best behavior because you don’t know what they’ll catch? Always wearing clothes around your own damn house just because you’re embarrassed they’ll see your naughty bits? Then it sucks to be you, you paranoid retard. That can’t happen.

But if you really want assurances, this thing is called the iPatch (geddit!?). It’s a sliding plastic lens cover for your built-in iSight camera. Close the iSight, and you’re fine. Unless Apple secretly built in some sort of extra special X-Ray camera as well. Oh! I went and did it again.

If you feel like ruining your Apple’s symmetric stylings with an off-center piece of plastic, it’ll only cost you $5. What a bargain, psycho! (Consider duct tape for a cheap alternative.)

The iPatch [Product Page]