Bazaarvoice secures funds to push into Europe

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Bazaarvoice, a US-based online ratings and reviews provider, has secured funding (amount undisclosed) from venture capital firm European Founders to expand in the UK and Europe in 2008. The 160-strong client base includes Dell,, Early Learning Centre, Timberland and Goldsmiths. The European Founders Fund is run by the three Samwer brothers who also invested in LinkedIn, currency trading and conversion site and ReachLocal.

In September last year the firm closed $8.8 million in Series B funding in a round led by Battery Ventures with Austin Ventures and First Round Capital also participating. Texas-based Bazaarvoice provides white label Amazon-like editorial recommendations for products to other companies. The pitch is that it is cheaper for companies to use Bazaarvoice’s setup than build their own client in-house.

  • Here we go again

    Before the last bubble went pop, the trend was for US startups to get VC funding in order to expand into Europe and to buy up local competitors thus accelerating their market entry. The game was to grow quickly and then IPO out.

    Some recent reports on TCUK suggest US companies are coming again. Will Bazaarvoice look to buy Reevoo or other review sites? I suggest that 2008 is the year of global M&A before we see the next bubble in 2009.

    If I was a UK CEO of a startup and a well funded US company offered me a buyout deal, I think it would be wise to sell before your VC cash runs out.

  • Brett Hurt

    We are honored to be working with the Samwer brothers. Our decision was driven not by financial need but by the amazing network they have across Europe. I call them the “Josh Kopelman of Europe” (Josh is one of our investors in the U.S. as the founder of First Round Capital and is probably the most connected entrepreneur/investor that I know).

    I personally spent a lot of time on due diligence to make sure that the Samwer’s network would actually accelerate our efforts. Obviously, we decided that they would – and they really have. I also checked their references, speaking to the CEOs of LinkedIn,, and ReachLocal, and they were all glowing.

    Our growth in Europe is really exciting. We are very happy with how quickly user-generated content is being adopted, especially in retail, following the lead of U.S. companies who have experienced customer conversion, acquisition, and analytical benefits over the past two years.

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