Ustream.TV Chosen to Live Stream the Republican National Convention

ustream-logo.pngFor those of you without C-SPAN, the Republican National Convention will be streamed live over the Web, and Ustream.TV has been chosen to be the official provider of live video streaming technology. (No doubt, other live streaming services such as Justin.TV,,, or Mogulus will be used by journalists and bloggers covering the event as well). The announcement is being made right now on Ustream.TV

Live streaming over the Web is a good way for the political parties to broadcast their message straight to the voters without any of that messy press commentary. But political bloggers should love this. Come September, they will be able to watch the Republican Convention from the comfort of their own homes, without having to swivel around to turn on their TVs. In addition to all the speechifying, Ustream.TV will also be used to set up live interviews and Web video chats between Republican officials and bloggers/journalists covering the event remotely. The video from the convention will be archived and available for bloggers and media outlets to repost to their own Websites.

With General Wesley Clark on its board of directors, maybe UStream has a shot at live streaming the Democratic convention also.