Vista SP1 on February 15th?


Okay, grains of salt and all that good stuff but I came across an article on that linked to a DigiTimes article about the supply and demand of DRAM in 2008, wherein a spokesperson for a Taiwanese company called Nanya Technology and Inotera Memories made a passing comment about the “launch of an updated version of Microsoft Vista on February 15” and how it might help boost DRAM sales “if its prices do not go up too much compared to its previous version.” Huh? Prices?

Now I would be floored if Microsoft actually released another version of Vista to complement the 17 or 18 versions that are already out there, so let’s assume that this person is talking about Vista SP1 coming out and maybe the cost to, say, an OEM might differ slightly between the bulk license purchase of Vista versus Vista SP1.

Service packs are supposed to be free to end-users so let’s not even consider the headache-inducing news nightmare that would ensue if Microsoft tried to charge people for SP1 (can you imagine?). It won’t and it can’t. We’ll just add this February 15th date as a possible release date in the middle of the myriad of possible SP1 release dates between sometime last summer and sometime in 2009

Nanya and Inotera foresee tight DRAM supply in 2H08 [DigiTimes] via