Some New Startups Direct To Video

We’ve been looking at different ways of using video in relation to startup reviews. I’ve always told people pitching us that they should absolutely have an embeddable demo video because a demonstration speaks louder than any words…and they cant be edited and spun by us either. Another way of using video is for a direct to camera elevator pitch. Here’s a few new startups pitching to camera as part of a small scale test. If you like the idea of direct to video elevator pitches, or hate it, let us know in the comments. I’d note that direct to camera like this is very raw, and hence they’re not that polished, so try not to be too hard on those featured.


This is one very good looking hosted blogging solution that competes with and TypePad. The founder is 16 as well:


Web site hosting and management for Realtors


Hosted anaologue to digital media service. For $10 a month users can send their old media through and have it converted and uploaded to the site.