Modu Wants You To Guess What It Is All About

modu-logo.pngIn an obvious attempt to generate buzz, mobile stealth startup Modu is circulating the teaser video below about its soon-to-launch product. (Perhaps in advance of a launch at Demo next week the Mobile World Congress in February?). We’ll bite and help spread the video because of who is behind the startup. CEO Dov Moran sold his previous company—M-Systems, which pioneered the concept of the USB flash drive—to SanDisk for $1.6 billion in 2006.

Now what’s Moran up to at Modu? The company recently changed its name from InFone Tech, an Israeli startup that raised $20 million in June, 2007 from Gemini Israel Funds and Genesis Partners.

Since Modu is inviting speculation as to what it is all about, here is mine: it looks to me like a mobile device, or possibly a broader platform, based on a removable flash drive that can be swapped from your cell phone to your car to your MP3 player to your laptop. Taking your music with you in a Modu flash drive would be one obvious application, but maybe the startup has grander ambitions than just music. Can you figure out what Modu does from the video below?

Update: I’ve received more information that suggests this is a cell phone/flash drive. That is, it has cellular capabilities and you can store your music, pictures, videos, and contacts on it. Plug it into your car and it becomes your phone and music player on the go. That device you see at the end of the video is the default device that you snap the flash drive/phone into. It has a one-inch screen is supposedly very power-efficient.