Does the invitation system used by private BitTorrent sites still work?


Does the current invitation system used by so-called private BitTorrent sites need to be changed? TorrentFreak, a source of inspiration to nearly everyone on staff here, thinks out loud about this very subject in a recent column. At first, these private sites were largely under the radar of the average after school pirate. A small, trustworthy user base was more valued than 10,000+ ratio farming users. Invites, so the article contends, is partly to blame.

Invites were initially hard to come by, a sort of “I know someone who knows someone” scenario. Now you simply throw “torrent invites” into Google (or worse, eBay) and walk right into any number of sites. The community suffers, the “feeling” of community suffers and then law enforcement agencies shut you down. Not good.

If there’s a solution to this problem, other than entertainment companies getting their acts together and stopping piracy before it starts, then I certainly don’t know what it is. Accounts, and their invitees, are already banned if it’s discovered it’s selling invites.

Just something to mull over during the post-MacWorld haze.

Trading BitTorrent Tracker Invites – Commodity or Curse? [TorrentFreak]