Criteo Raises $10 Million From Index Ventures

criteo-logo.pngFrench startup Criteo just raised $10.4 million (7 million Euros) in a B round from Index Ventures, reports TechCrunch France. This is on top of a 3-million-Euro round in April 2006 led by AGF Private Equity and Elaia Partners.

Criteo sells recommendation-engine software to e-commerce and content sites. Competitors include Aggregate Knowledge, CleverSet, and ChoiceStream. Discovery is hot right now. For instance, Kleiner-backed Aggregate Knowledge has raised $25 million. It is good to see some competition stirring across from across the pond.

Incidentally, Criteo is probably best known among bloggers in the U.S for its AutoRoll widget that generates a linkroll based on the reading habits of a blog’s readers. Any blog that has the AutoRoll widget on it will show the other top AutoRoll blogs that its readers have also visited. There are 12,000 blogs with the AutoRoll widget (I used to have one on my old blog, the Next Net). It is an interesting idea, but hasn’t quite reached critical mass yet. Good thing the AutoRoll is not Criteo’s main business driver.