Toshiba drops prices on HD DVD players

hddvd Forget holiday shopping deals, many Toshiba HD DVD players are now selling for under $200 anyway. The HD-A3 and HD-A30 are going for $134.98 and $174.98 on Amazon, respectively. You’ll still get two free movies in the box (Bourne Identity and 300) plus five more by mail, too.

These may very well be closeout prices, though. Often times, retailers will change the last two digits in the price of a product to reflect its status. Things ending in 99 cents are current while things ending in 98 cents signify that no new product will be filling the warehouses, for example.

So if you’re looking for a great deal on a high definition DVD format that won’t get very many new movies released for it, now’s your chance. Toshiba HD DVD via DailyTech