Qype launches in France, as local reviews space hots up

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Qype, a venture-backed pan-European reviews site, has launched in France, reports TechCrunch France. The move follows UK and German launches which technically makes it the only local review site with a pan-Europe footprint in local language. The site should do well in France which already has among the most vociferous blogging population in Europe, so people are quite used to submitting opinions. Not to mention the legendary French penchant for conversation…

It’s not a lot of surprise that Qype launched in France. Joining their UK investor Advent Venture Partners is Paris-based Partech International. The startup launched in Germany in 2006 and in the UK in summer 2007, and covers some 6,000 towns and cities across Europe, and claims over two million unique visitors per month. Its founder is Stephan Uhrenbacher. Qype’s dedicated French team includes COO Stéphanie Delestre (formerly head of Internet and new media at Eurosport). In other hires, Qype recently hired Rob Hinchcliffe, ex-founder of the popular Londonist blog and former news editor for Yahoo UK, as community manager.

The site won’t just rely on local content – it will also be translating the best reviews across these countries. Competitors in the UK include Welovelocal, Tipped, Trustedplaces and now TouchLocal this week. As you can see there is a massive war on for the ‘trusted local reviews’ space not least amongst mobile startups as well. This year is effectively the year all these sites test their mettle.

  • Simon

    It’ll be interesting to see how it goes in the french market. France is crying out for good local UGC sites.

  • http://www.thisfrenchlife.com/ Craig McGinty

    One of the problems France faces is that while actual internet use is high, penetration of internet access is less than 50 per cent.

    This group is pressing the French government to open up the internet in inner cities and the countryside:


    Although they are not going to be helped if Sarko gets his way and starts taxing mobile and internet access to support the national TV channels.

  • http://www.mashupevent.com Simon Grice

    We’re discussing this space on Thursday – feel free to join us – http://www.mashupevent.com

    See you there I hope.


  • Scott Hodgkiss

    Tad confused over all these local reviews sites I know from experience there is limited money in this field unless you generate huge traffic, so where is the revenue going to come from, Contextual ads? Affiliate commission? Charging Businesses who have never heard of you?

    Come on people lets have it straight, it all seems to obvious its about generating 3 billion users, achieved a low Alexa rating high Page Rank and then sit back and hope Google come knocking. Can’t see the future with these firms, but good luck to them they have a very interesting year ahead, who will survive hey until plugs are pulled??????


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