My favorite MacBook Air mock-up so far


We’ve been talking quite a bit about this new MacBook Air, or whatever Steve’s going to call it (I like MacBook Shuffle™), and we’ve seen many mock-ups, but this is my favorite so far. I have a feeling that if we do see a teeny-tiny MacBook, it’ll definitely look something like this, borrowing design cues from the latest iMacs.

Now we know this is a Photoshop job, mostly because the next post done is a For Dummy’s book on getting stuff posted on TechCrunch. Well, we hope this is close enough for ya, Web Squirrel! Feel free to link to your favorite fakes of the new MacBook, or create your own. We’ll see who gets close enough, and we’ll get then an internship with Ives. (Not really.)

Welcome to Macworld 2008 [WebSquirrel]