New Mini-Speakers from JBL

JBL On Stage 400ID
Product Name: JBL On Stage 200ID/400ID, Duet 200
Description: The JBL On Stage 200ID and 400ID are a pair of iPod speaker/docks. (Please try to stay awake for this anyway.) Both have a universal iPod/iPhone dock on top, and the 200ID has two full-range drivers while the 400ID has four plus a tweeter. The Duet 200 is identical to the On Stage 200ID but it lacks an iPod dock and instead takes in audio via its 1/8th-inch line-in jack. Oh, and the 400ID is taller than the other two. Duh. And they all run on AC power but not batteries.

The bass is supposedly helped out by JBL’s Slipstream port design, though I’m always skeptical until I listen carefully to a speaker alone in my evil lair. They’re pretty cute lookin’ with all its Apple-esque silvery stylings.

Price: Duet 200, $119.95; On Stage 200ID, $149.95; On Stage 400ID, $249.95
In-store date: March 2008
Why it’s cool: Hmm… this field is too crowded for me not to be incredibly jaded. Let’s just say I’d ask any of them to dance, but I probably wouldn’t try to get any to come home with me.

JBL On Stage 200ID

JBL Duet 200