CG's CES Highlights: Getting the Stiff Arm from LG

This is an actual photo of the watches or, rather, some guy’s hand protecting them.

I thought this sort of stuff was over thanks to the rise of immediate, online journalism/kvetching, but I stopped by the LG booth to take a look at their watch/phone prototype and was quite indelicately turned away. I won’t bother describing the product here because it’s basically the same concept I’ve seen at countless trade shows over the years (“It’s a watch! It’s a phone! It’s a watchphone!), but when I stopped to take a picture two booth reps and then two PR folks stopped me from grabbing images of something that is already widely disseminated. It’s odd that in the days of immediate information access this antiquated notion of “no pictures please” is still in place in that bastion of openness that is the CE industry.

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