NetGear CES cavalcade: Wire-line and hotter Wireless


NetGear release a heady 8 products today including a new home storage NAS with redundant drives and wireless devices with improved HD streaming over WiFi complete with increased range.

To begin, we have RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N adapter. You know what to do with it. Stick it in and you have 802.11.n. However, you’ve got some quality of service built-in so you’ll get good HD content on the fly.

How about a router? The RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router offers video QoS and 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch along with 802.11n. Are you sensing a trend? 802.11n is NetGear’s new play.

The HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N WNHDEB111 is a wireless bridge for game consoles and other devices. It basically connects to your N gear and creates a wired environment at the console that can take advantage of N’s improved speeds.

They’re also selling two new dual-band routers, the 3300 and 3500, which offer G and N.

The ReadyNAS Duo is one of the coolest devices. It’s a two-drive NAS that stores all of your content and streams HD video and high quality audio. It acts as a Media Center server so you can share with XBox 360s and PCs.

Finally, for fans of wire-line — I know you’re out there, Frank! — we have the XEPSB103 wireline kit. The kit isn’t an actual wall wart so you won’t have to use the entire outlet to connect your computer to 85Mbps of power.

No pricing off-hand but click below to view a gallery of the new gear.