CrunchGear's getting ready for CES; You should be, as well

ces498x340.jpgYou’ll have to forgive our lax feature posting this week, gentle readers. We’re gearing up for CES 2008 next week in lovely Las Vegas, and we’re set to really give you the best possible coverage. We’re going to be using high-tech gadgetry to report on high-tech gadgetry, and we even have a fancy secret Liveblogging tool we’ll be breaking out during Mr. Bill Gates’ keynote Monday morning.

Our posting format will change slightly, as we’ll be trying to cram as many posts in as we can. Look for us to lose our witty snarkicism in exchange for the basics about dozens of things you’ve never heard of before but will be drooling over in a week’s time.

You can also use those handy graphics on the right-hand side as a guide to what each post is, and you can click them as a way to track your favorite categories.

It should be a lot of fun for us and for you, our fellow tech-obsessed friends. Join us here early on Monday morning as we get things going. And if you’re at CES (looking at you, other bloggers), stop us on the floor and reprimand us for spelling your names wrong, not giving you a correct via link, stealing your images, and stealing your girlfriends. We won’t apologize, but it’s fun to watch you fume. Except the Wired guys. It’s not fun to watch them fume.