Westinghouse goes UWB on new HDTV


What’s all this about wireless HDTVs? Well, Westinghouse is set to showcase an ultrawideband HDTV with Pulse-LINK at CES using PL’s CWave wireless HDMI technology. What this essentially means is that your HDTV can link up with a source of content like a Blu-ray or HD DVD player or even your DVR and cable feed, which will stream to your set – wait for it – wirelessly. The video feed is encoded using JPEG2000 video codec, which is what theaters tout as “Digital Cinema”.

The CWave UWB chipset was tested and showed that the 1.35 Gbps OTA signaling rate delivered 890 Mbps application layer throughput. You’ll have to keep your content sources close to get a high throughput rate, though. At eight feet the throughput surpassed 500 Mbps and more than 115 Mbps up to 40 feet. That’s not bad at all.

While the set will debut at CES, consumers won’t be getting one anytime soon. The Westinghouse Digital Wireless HDMI HDTV will be released for B2B digital signage sometime in Q2. Bummer.