Nokia N810 quick look

Just got the Nokia N810 tablet in for review and I’m going to pound the heck out of it next week at CES. I’m a huge fan of Maemo and the N-series tablet line so I’m really happy to be able to play with this little dreamboat. This model feels much more solid than the N800 and 770 and it seems there’s more attention to detail as evidenced by the sparse front control panel and the assumption that yes, this is a tablet and you have a huge touchscreen so why not use that real estate for more screen instead of directional buttons. Excellent choice. Oh, but wait! There’s a keyboard, as well, which slides down with a pleasing thunk and includes the directional pad and a very usable QWERTY setup that was easy enough for even my meathooks to tap away on. More info as we use this beast a CES, but here are a few quick shots I took.