20 Free Blogfuse Accounts For TechCrunch Readers

Kansas based Blogfuse is a Facebook application creator for bloggers that allows content from blogs to be turned into a native Facebook application.

The service is as simple to use as signing up and adding a RSS feed. Blogfuse hosts the application and it links in to Facebook functions such as share this, allowing blog posts to be easily shared within Facebook. Applications are coded in Facebook’s FBML code and not flash, delivering a visually seamless application.

Blogfuse also doesn’t believe that users should be locked into their service; should a user decide later that they want to host their Facebook application themselves, switching is simply a matter of changing the app’s Callback Url, meaning you never lose a user or have to start again.

Blogfuse offers full hosting for the app irrelevant of the traffic each app has. Packages start at $5/ month for one blog up to $30/ month for 10 blogs.

Thanks to Blogfuse we have twenty lifetime “Pro Blogger” packages (ten blogs each) to give away to TechCrunch readers. Tell us in the comments why you want your own Facebook Application (include a real email when making the comment in the email box, it won’t be published but we’ll need it to send you the code) and we’ll select twenty of the best comments for a free account.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for invites to other services, visit InviteShare.