Android in February? Prepare grains of salt now

android Google has booked not one, but two (!!!!!) booths at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. That means that it’ll probably be showing off Android phones then, right? Maybe. Or maybe not.

APC Magazine thinks that we’ll see some Android headsets on February 11th, but let’s all keep that in our back pockets until then.

While early prototype devices might trickle out here and there, Google has said that the first available handsets won’t surface until the second half of 2008. Plus, the Android Developer Challenge will still be accepting submissions until March 3rd and then Google will hold a second developer challenge "after the first handsets built on the platform become available."

So I’d think that the very earliest we’d see actual, fully-working devices would be in March but that would be a big surprise in and of itself since Google hasn’t waffled on the "second half of 2008" thing yet.

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