Foonz, The Deadpool Is Calling

foonz-logo.pngHere’s my prediction for 2008: The deadpool is going to fill up with VoIP services. The first one to jump in may be VoIP conference-call service Foonz. News flash. There’s just no money in giving people free calls.

The CMO of Foonz’s parent company, RPM Communications, tells GigaOm that he has “shifted focus” to a new service called Utterz that lets people post voice messages, photos , and video from their mobile phones to their blogs. (Imagine an audio Twitter that actually forced you to listen to everybody’s thought-of-the-day updates instead of just being able to skim through, or ignore, everything in text). Although the Foonz site is still up and the service is available, we are putting it into the deadpool for now. If the service is still ringing in a couple months, we will pull it out again.