This Christmas, don't forget the writers who brought you your favorite shows: stay away from Hulu


Let’s say Santa tomorrow brings you Lost on Blu-ray or maybe a Simpsons or Seinfeld boxset or two. By all means, enjoy your new gifts, but don’t forget that the men and women who wrote the stories for those shows—”writers”—are royally screwed over and see very little money as a result of their sale. Yes, the writers strike is still unresolved and even though Conan and Leno and Co. and preparing to go back to work, please try not to forget those who truly made the shows work.

The same thing goes for new services like Hulu: the writers see jack from all that ad money. I recently was “invited” to join Hulu, but I shan’t be participating out of respect for the writers; I won’t be crossing that picket line any time soon. If you just have to see past episodes of The Office, I fully endorse going to the Pirate Bay and grabbing them from there. At least then you’re not earning more money for the greedy producers.

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