Dave Winer wants to be treated special by Apple, as do we all

Dave Winer goes into into an Apple store and asked them to replace his hard drive out of warranty. They sold him 80 GB for $160 and then told you that he couldn’t have his old drive back. And he’s upset.

Let it be said that while I don’t agree that Apple stores should “treat you different,” it is a pretty shitty policy. When you go to a mechanic they give you the parts they took out of your car in order to prove that they actually did the work and that you actually had a problem. While I’m sure Dave wasn’t about to refurb his drive himself, maybe they could have given him a little envelope to send it back after he cleared the drive of his collection of rare Bulgarian monkey pornography. Heck, just put a big degausser next to the counter. Clearly he wasn’t heading into the store expecting to lose all his data, but saying “This drive is ours now, man” is kind of dopey. Plus, now Dave hates Apple, and nobody wants that.

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