Tech President Endorsement On Local Fox Affiliate

On Thursday we announced that we are holding a “primary” that includes each 2008 presidential candidate. We are asking readers to vote based on the candidate’s positions on ten key technology related issues.

I talked with CBS news on Wednesday (clip is here) to announce the project. On Thursday morning, I spoke with Ross McGowan from the San Francisco Fox affiliate station as well. The clip is above.

Read up on the candidates’ positions on the ten key tech issues and vote for the candidate you prefer at We’ll announce our endorsements prior to Super Tuesday on February 5, 2008. You can also review the podcasts and interviews that we’ve done directly with five candidates so far: Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Mitt Romney and Mike Gravel.

By the way: TV is hard. It’s very new for me. And it is, of course, a lot different from blogging where you can think, write, edit, etc. And both of these interviews were done at the crack of dawn, when I am normally going to bed.