Intel Takes Stake In Amazon S3 Competitor Nirvanix

Intel Capital has taken a stake in San Diego based online storage provider and Amazon S3 competitor Nirvanix.

Nirvanix’s selling points are a claim that its service is easier to integrate than S3 and they offer a service level agreement that guarantees 99.9% uptime (see our previous coverage here.)

Nirvanix said the investment will be used to provide the company with “additional opportunities to further technology advancements of its Storage Delivery Network optimized for media applications”, and “to further accelerate its global build-out of storage nodes to meet swelling demand for its online storage service.”

The size of Intel’s investment was not available, although we did ask and were told that they were not willing to share it. Nirvanix closed a $12 million round earlier in the year that included Mission Ventures, Valhalla Partners and Windward Ventures.