Could this possibly be the Mylo 2? Oh, I'm a'quiver!

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Engadget got some HOT SCOOPS on the Mylo 2, Sony’s thing that is small and lets you connect to the Internet. While there is no telling if they took a meeting on this a few months ago and actually saw it and know what it looks like — just like a number of other journalists did at the same time — and are currently playing dumb, it is clear that their sleuthing has turned up something extremely exciting for us all to look at and could, potentially, cause us all to wet ourselves. Thrill to their Photoshop savvy! Roar in laughter at their FCC-search shenanigans! Go back to your morning coffee because the Mylo 2 will probably disappear as quickly as the Mylo 1 thanks to Sony’s short-sighted product marketing and focus on the big mark-ups they get from televisions!

Is this the mylo 2? [AOL]