Sony Ericsson P5i out in the wild?

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Rumors make the world go round. This one may actually be legit, but the photo is a bit blurry and could possibly be a photoshop job. In any case, the purported SE P5i is said to be running Symbian 9.1 under what looks to be a mash up between Nokia’s touch UI and the iFones. The slider supposedly has a 2.8-inch screen, GPS, Wi-Fi and possibly a 5-megapixel camera. Under the hood the P5i may have a 360Mhz processor, 160MB of internal storage space with a Memory Stick Micro and MicroSD slot. Maybe we’ll see this at CES. Maybe not. Maybe it’s all just a farce.

Sony Ericsson P5i spotted in the wild! [Symbian Freak]

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