Ubuntu, Leopard and the tale of the whimsical comparisons


I was reading over this Linux Magazine article comparing the latest version of Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon) with Leopard when two lines stopped me:

Contrast that to Ubuntu, which touts its better multiple monitor support. It may be getting better, but it’s still not there yet, and I’m just glad I had my trusty xorg.conf file backed up and ready to fall back on.

You wanna know why Linux hasn’t “made it” yet? Read that quote again and you’ll understand. Who wants to edit something called xorg.conf? Who even knows what that is? (OK, all of us on staff do, and the Linux Magazine readership does, but I mean “regular” people.)

That aside, the rest of the comparison is worth a read, if for no other reason than to kill a few minutes. I particularly liked how the articles takes a jab at Vista every now and then. It’s nothing egregious, more like, “Ubuntu is worse than Leopard in this instance, and both are better than Vista.”

Hopefully it’ll snow soon. It’ll give me an excuse to get some fresh air.

Review: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon takes on Mac OS X Leopard for the OS of the Year [Linux Magazine (Coral Cache) via Slashdot]