GeekBrief.TV #274

Since I started the holiday season, I’ve wanted to do a robot Brief, but I’m disappointed in robotics right now. There are some fun robots available and there are some practical robots available, but it seems like we’re a long, long way from the robots of our dreams. I’ve had a Roomba for more than a year. On hardwood floors it works pretty well. On carpet, though, it’s too much work to clean it. I’d rather use a Dyson. The Pleo, though seems like a lot of fun. I’d LOVE to watch how my chihuahuas respond to one. The PLEN Desktop Hobby Robot looks extremely elegant in the videos I’ve seen. They’re only selling 50 of them and the price is high. Miuro seems like fun, but it’s expensive and aimed at early robot adopters. Drobo is my favorite robot of the year and now Drobo’s maker has become a sponsor. Discount code *cali* will get you $50 off at

Geoff Smith has a new Christmas album. We’ll have a streaming launch party Thursday, December 13 at 9:30 EST at It’s going to be unforgettable.

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