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I’m prepping a post about the best tech startups this year. I’ll be dividing it into three categories: UK, Irish and European (as in, continental Europe). The idea is to look at both web and mobile startups which are doing interesting things.

As part of my research I thought I’d ask TechCrunch UK readers for your thoughts. Obviously I’m sure you’ll agree that YOUR startup was quite simply the coolest this year, but it would be more useful (and less sucky) if you suggested a company other than your own…

Ok, let’s hear it. Comments are welcome below.

  • Joe

    I thought, was probably the best (UK) and coolest in terms of functionality and innovation.

    But then again I’d normally consider other things when thinking of best all round, and most crucial of all is income. I can’t yet see how money is going to be made off iDesktop. They might get some VC, but I don’t consider that income.

  • Alicia Navarro

    Under the European category I would nominate Zemanta… they are a great group of guys and I like their product, its something I would be excited to use.

    Under the UK category I would nominate Flexiscale. They have incredibly attentive and knowledgeable account staff, and the concept is just what I wanted as a startup!

  • pat phelan

    I really like what Voicesage are doing in Ireland closely followed by touristR and LouderVoice Mike

  • Chris

    For me it’s Trusted Places!

  • Nicholas

    In the UK, it has to be (if they started in 2007), on the European front, I would say and

  • William Tildesley

    oh come on, it’s gotta be :)

  • Rob Eberstein

    A couple of suggestions from me:, (what a great concept!). I’ve also heard great things about TechEnlightenment and New Bamboo. Bring on 2008!

  • Raza

    thought is cool …

  • Conor O'Neill

    Touristr, and Swarmteams are my faves in Ireland and Northern Ireland at the minute.

  • Ivan is my fave. Huge opportunity, fantastic team.

  • Chris

    For Europe, I would certainly nominate aka-aki, a mobile social network based on Bluetooth. It is based in Berlin and, for the moment, only available in German (still in private beta). While the idea is not *really* new, they offer a fresh and well elaborated approach to the topic. To my mind, the team has very good chances to make it a success. btw, it has already been covered by a couple of times:

    Check it out at

  • Simon

    I’m going for!

    I’ve got tonnes of digital memories scattered across email accounts, mobile phones and various websites. Now I can bring them altogether on one timeline. Their design looks great too.

  • Xavier Jones

    I liked…a social networking site for dog owners in London (disclosure…I know these guys) also is still going strong

  • Mike Oxley

    My votes (assuming I get two) would be for and vzaar. Zebtab push me great content and vzaar help me sell stuff on ebay. Both uk startups doing interesting things.

  • Grace for a mobile web startup in Ireland!

  • Leandro Garcia


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