Confirmed: Penthouse Buys AdultFriendFinder For $500 Million

As first reported by Michael November 17, the acquisition by Penthouse of Palo Alto based Various, Inc., the owner of AdultFriendFinder has been confirmed.

According to a NY Times report, the buying price was $500 million. Penthouse CEO Marc Bell said that Penthouse’s goal was to provide consumers, particularly 18-to-34-year-old men, with a wide variety of sex-related offerings and that the acquisition of Various Inc. would assist them with this.

AdultFriendFinder made headlines last week when the site settled with the Federal Trade Commission other allegations that pop-ups used in advertising the site were “without consumer consent was unfair, and violated the FTC Act.”

Various Inc. owns a variety of dating related sites, including non-adult dating sites and even a Christian dating site called