AGLOCO Doesn't Pay To Surf, Joins Deadpool

If it was a bad idea the first time around, it’s probably a bad idea the second time around too. Mike was harsh on AGLOCO, a variation of the failed AllAdvantage pyramid scheme from a few years ago, when he wrote about their launch. He was right to question the business – they’re closing down. The following email was sent to at least some AGLOCO members:

We would like to update you on the status of AGLOCO’s operations. We continue to believe in the AGLOCO concept, but our revenue is currently not sufficient to give Members a meaningful distribution. And though there are increases in membership, the resulting revenue is not enough to support operating costs. As a development team we are unable to continue to use our savings to fund the operations. If any Member would like to pursue continuing the operations of AGLOCO, you may contact us at .

We would like to thank every Member for supporting our effort to bring a piece of the Internet directly to the user. We hope that we can find a way to keep the operations going.

AGLOCO is the reincarnation of AllAdvantage (complete with some of the same founders), a Web 1.0 company that paid users for viewing advertising through a toolbar. The founders, who blamed the stock crash in 2000 for the AllAdvantage faiure, claimed they’d get it right this time around. In particular, the ability to highly target advertising would allow them to generate enough revenue for a sustainable business.

Apparently they were wrong. AGLOCO joins the TechCrunch Deadpool.