The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week.

Subject: Mannequins order

Hello,This is Marcus Brown from California and i will like to know if you do produce Mannequins?i will order them to my new company in Ghana.i will like you to email me back if you have so that i will tell you the specifications of the Mannequins i will order.Also include the payment method you accept for your orders.i have a freight company who will come to your location to pick them to my location after payment have been done.Hope to hear from you soon and have a wonderful day


CG Responds:

Hi there MARCUS BROWN. I will like to tell you that we JUST sold our last mannequin and are currently in the midst of internal discussions as to whether or not the continuing importing and exporting of mannequins by a team of technology bloggers is really the right fit at this time. I will let you know if we decide to sell mannequins in the future but I can tell you off the record that it’s not looking too promising right now. When every writer on staff has been caught at least once in compromising positions with the mannequins you’ve got yourself a logistical nightmare, am I right? It just became too hard to explain to just about every client why his or her "brand new, shrink-wrapped" mannequin appeared to have been used already, and I don’t mean used like for showing clothes off to people.

Subject: text link and folder option


How are you?

Recently I have visited and analyzed your website []
and have come to the conclusion that we can share a mutually
beneficial relationship.

We propose to have a text link on your home page that leads to a
content based folder hosted at your end   This folder would contain
content in the form of articles on various financial and general

This business agreement would give an international platform to a
number of people to express their skills. These articles are written
by a wide variety of professionals who have done extensive study and
research and are experts in their respective fields.

In the event of us entering into a business relationship, I ascertain
that in addition to an agreed monthly fee, you will also benefit from
heavy traffic to your site which would in turn increase your earnings.

Looking forward to a positive response.

With regards
Business Development

CG Responds:

Hi Jugdish –

This deal sounds great for us! How’s that for a positive response?

What are the next steps? Please don’t send over any meaningful information like the name of your company, your website, article samples, or proposed payment terms. Another cryptic, vague e-mail just like this one should suffice.

So we would, in effect, have links on our site pointing to one of our own folders and in this folder would be a bunch of articles about general and financial topics? That’d be great because we only have stupid, boring gadget stuff so far and we could sure use some general and financial stuff. I guess that’s why you have "Business Development" under your name and I have either nothing or whatever e-mail I’m replying to.

Subject: To: Cruch Gear (please read this message, this message is for you)

To: Cruch Gear

Good afternoon blogger,

would you like to share your blog with the public?

So, are you interested in compiling your blog into E-books? We can compile your blog into E-Book. It’s FREE!!!

Hi, We are from We are publishing E-magazines.

We are interested in your entries/productions.

So, we would to inquire whether you are interested in compiling your blog into E-Book?

In addition, we will insert your information and your link into the E-Book, so that can link back to you blog website.

You can visit our website, for the English version of the Blogs Collections.

CG Responds:

Wow. Do you believe in fate? We were just talking about how in the world we were going to somehow share our blog with the public. Sure, it can’t be rocket science but I’ll speak for the rest of the staff when I say that I’d be hornier than a goat that knows how to work a snowplow if we could somehow figure out how to get our blog in front of the public. An E-book sounds perfect! So should we just make photocopies of our posts and send them to you in the mail or do you know of some other magic delivery method for getting written text from one place to another, LOLOL?!! As if, right? We can dream, huh? Sending text from one place to another without mailing it, LOL!

Subject: Congratulation You Won (£500,000.00)

United Kingdom.
Ref: KPC/9080118308/02
Batch: 12/25/DC34

Dear Lucky winner,

This is to inform you that your email has won a consulation prize of
the Microsoft Corporation EMAIL DRAW held 18th of Nov 2007 in London.
Your email has won you (£500,000.00GBP) Great British Pounds. To
your prize,you fill and  contact your fiduciary agent Mr.BenAlex with
your Batch: 12/25/DC34 and Ref: KPC/9080118308/02 and contact him via
email immediately within 24hrs.


Agent: Mr.Ben Alex
Microsoft Claim Agent.

CG Responds:

Wow! What are the odds of winning the Google International Lotto Award that we won last week and then winning the Microsoft International Lotto Award the very next week?! What a surprise, too, Microsoft’s playing catch-up to Google again. Typical! ROFL! LMAO!

Subject: Europe United by Samsung

Hi Tech Crunch,

We recently shot and launched Europe United, a new music video for Samsung Mobile. The concept is fascinating- we went to 10 different European cities; London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Ibiza, Barcelona, Moscow, Edinburgh and Galway and got regular people to dancing in the street. Those who made it into the final cut of this video won a free Samsung phone.

Here is the link to the video:

We would love to put it into consideration for being featured your blog/website. I have attached our press release also.


Thomas Bannister
SX Media

CG Responds:

TB, what up my main man? Thanks for sending this e-mail over (again). We unfortunately ran out of time to post your video this week, just like last week and the week before. We’re really looking forward to next Thursday, though, when you send this exact same e-mail to us once again. Oh, and please remember to attach your press release if it’s not too much trouble. We don’t already have three copies of it. 

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