XOHM, Sprint's WiMax initiative, launching very, very soon

xohm_logo_main.gifI like WiMax. I like the fact that it could become a 4G service. I like the fact that Sprint is taking the initiative and rolling it out quickly. What I don’t like is the name: XOHM. But that’s not important to anybody. What is is that Sprint’s Bin Shen said that XOHM will be going live within days in Baltimore, DC, and Chicago. That’s soon.

At first it will only be for mobile data for laptops, but WiMax, as they’re doing it, can work with handsets, which means Sprint is going to be one to watch next year. The idea that they could be a mobile provider and ISP is an interesting one.

What we don’t like is that Sprint is launching its 4G before T-Mobile has its 3G on its feet. Or is it?

Sprint XOHM Will Soft Launch “In A Few Days” [Phone Scoop]