CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: 16GB iPod Touch

. The iPhone, design and interface aside, is a crappy cellphone. No, it is. When I first got mine, I said, “If they can find a way to take out the phone part, I’d be in love.” They did that, and so dubbed it the iPod Touch.

The great Web browsing, crisp video, YouTube, and nifty coverlowtastic iPod are all represented, and a little hacking gives you tons of new fun apps. Also, with Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch SDK coming in mere weeks, you know the iPod Touch is going to turn into a really interesting hardware platform. And at $400 for 16GB, it’s really quite affordable.

And that’s what I have to say: the iPod Touch is easily worth a second look, and really can show up its big brother.

iPod Touch on Crunchgear