TeXtra's Natali Del Conte Leaves Podshow For CNET TV

TeXtra, a tech news video show hosted by former TechCrunch writer Natali Del Conte, may be shutting down well shy of its first birthday this upcoming February 13. That’s because CNET has poached Natali away from Podshow, which owns TeXtra.

Del Conte, pictured right, will be moving from San Francisco to New York and joining the CNET TV team with a new news show, she says. It won’t be like TeXtra and a number of other tech news shows (webbalert, Rocketboom, PopSnap, Geekbrief, CommandN, etc.) that she describes as “camera, girl, news.” She’s not saying much about the format of the new show, other than it will be much different than TeXtra. She’ll cover CES in January for CNET, and the new show will start in February 2008.

The Textra show will likely be shut down – Podshow will not be looking for a replacement for Del Conte. They’ve had 101 shows so far, not including the highly entertaining outtake episodes.

There are a lot of rumors about Podshow floating around right now. The company has yet to have a bona fide hit and is reportedly talking to numerous venture capitalists about raising a third round of financing. The nearly $24 million they’ve raised in two rounds of financing may be running dry.