TAG Heuer watch: WTF?


OK. If this is real — and there is some indication that it is — then we’ve got ourselves a genuine breakthrough. We reported that TAG is making a phone, but we had no idea that it would be a damn watch phone. TAG Heuer has pretty much gone the sports route, offering quartz pieces to unsuspecting rubes. However, if this phone/watch comes to fruition, they’ll have a hit on their hands.

Keep in mind that these are just mock-ups and there is no indication of how thick this thing is. The UI looks fairly basic — a crown for scrolling through selections along with an MP3 player mode. My question is this, however — how the heck did that stuff all that garbage into there and how do you talk into it. Dick Tracy, here we come.

First mockup images of Tag Heuer Mobile Phone [LuxuryLaunches]