Hold on, man: OS X has secret Windows-compatible features hidden away, could run Windows apps fairly soon?

aqua_windowslogo.jpgOne of the last remaining reasons why some people don’t make the switch to the Mac from a Windows machine is that the have certain apps that aren’t available on the Mac. It’s a hard argument to win from the Mac perspective. Though there are usually alternative programs available, often better ones, some users are really into certain apps. It happens.

That being said, the argument may soon be moot. A use on a WINE mailing list has found tantalizing find in the latest version of OS X: hints towards the ability of the OS to handle Windows executables without running Windows. Oh, this is nifty.

Full implementation isn’t even close to being there, but the pieces needed are. If Apple so chose, it could put these pieces together into a Windows compatibility layer that could run .exe files.

Boot Camp’s days might be numbered, and we don’t see anything from Apple happening until at least the middle of next year, though we might get a hint at MacWorld in January, and you know that we’ll be there.

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