New cyber-style cold war coming next decade?


Prepare yourself for some hard-hitting, sensational news.

The next decade will bring us a computer-led cyber war the likes of which ye have never seen. Our only chance of survival is to lock down our computer systems with state-of-the-art security software, according to a recent report.

Oh by the way, the report was written by McAfee, a company that just happens to sell security software.

Here’s more!

"An estimated 120 countries are leveraging the Internet for political, military, and economic espionage activities. Cyber crime has expanded from isolated attacks initiated by individuals or small rings to well-funded, well-organized operations using sophisticated technology and social engineering. Are we in the midst of a cyber cold war?"

You can download the report in its entirety by giving McAfee your full name, title, company, address, phone number, e-mail address, number of employees in your company, and your company’s industry.

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