Dateline, Korea: Your mobile phone might explode and kill you dead


Not that I want to cause a panic, or even heaven forbid a tizzy, but there’s incidental evidence that the cellphone in your shirt pocket can explode and kill you. No, it will explode and kill you. It’s a matter of time. It’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to glow a hole in your chest, as it did to an unfortunate South Korean named Seo.

His phone was in his pocket, and the battery apparently exploded, fracturing his chest and killing him. Though authorities aren’t saying the brand of phone, they have published photos, and it appears to be a Samsung. So if you own a Samsung phone, and you keep it next to your heart, make sure your life insurance is paid up and close all your debts. Bloops! It’s been brought to my attention that the phone was indeed an LG. So Sammy owners, you’re safe. LG owners, your days are numbered. This post has zero hyperbole.

First Korean killed in Mobile Phone Explosion? [Far East Gizmos]