Insert Your 3D Avatar Into Movie Clips. All The Cool Kids Do It.
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If you like putting yourself into movie clips with JibJab, you’ll like this new product from Gizmoz, too.

Unlike JibJab, which takes a still 2D image and moves only the mouth up and down, Gizmoz has developed proprietary technology to create a 3D facial image and includes various expression changes as well as lip syncing.

Their basic product, which allows users to create talking avatars, launched in May 2006.

Users can now take their avatar image and insert it into a number of video clips. More clips will be added over time, and Gizmoz is also in the process of licensing video from Hollywood movies and other professional content. Founder Eyal Gever actually showed me a clip over a year ago that had my face on a James Bond clip from Casino Royale. I felt pretty cool that day.

Gizmoz, which raised $6.3 million from Benchmark, is headquartered in Israel.