MountainDew Will Save The World

Above is a promo clip for the new online game/ marketing tool “DEWmocracy.” Full movie showcasing the game can be found here.

The flash game comes from MountainDew, and I just can’t make this stuff up:

“Corporate Barons rule the city with an iron-fist, but a thirst for change is in the air. As a “Seeker,” you have the chance to return choice to the people. To do so you must embrace adventure, face your destiny, and help create the next Mountain Dew.

Starting November, 2007, you are invited on a mythic journey through interactive Chambers of adventure that, once entered, will let you vote on new features for the next Mountain Dew: flavor, color, name, logo, label and tag line.

To succeed, you will need all of your cunning and strength. Each Chamber is blocked by a Guardian and ruled by a Master, epic creatures of adventure and deception. There are enemies to fight, lessons to learn, and tools to earn – like a 2-sided battle axe or a coral divining rod to point the way. And there are points to be scored. The more points you win, the greater your fame in the fellowship of Seekers everywhere.

Upon your return to the city for a final showdown with the Authorities, the people will be set free to vote on which elixir shall pour across the land – the People’s Dew. Your destiny will become clear. Choice and creative freedom will become the rule. And the next Mountain Dew will become reality.”

We’ve covered a lot of the various players in the virtual world space, and although this is more 2D than Second Life it’s the first time I’ve seen anything quite like this. What in the world were they thinking? or is it just a marketing budget gone wild? There is one twist: the film and a good part of the game was produced by Academy Award Winning actor Forest Whitaker.

Screen shots as follows…the questions are even more bizarre than the overall concept.