Stanford Class' Facebook Application Crosses 1 Million Installs

Dave McClure and Stanford Professor BJ Fogg (Captology lab)have been teaching a class on Facebook applications at Stanford over the past semester. The class is made up of about 50 students who teamed up to produce 25 applications. We got a look at the applications earlier. Today we received word that one of them, KissMe, has crossed 1 million installs as of 6:30pm this evening. Another app, Send Hotness is likely to break 1 million in the next few days. It’s pretty amazing considering a lot of professional apps barely register.

KissMe – kiss your friends, basically by inviting them to use the application. Apparently this is the most popular application of the whole class in terms of the number of users it has (100,000).

Send Hotness – figure out your ten hottest friends; invite your friends to help you with rankings. You must invite at least ten people to see the rankings.