Reaction: Amazon's Kindle

So, like, Amazon announced Kindle all of five minutes ago and I’ve already been charged with giving my opinion on it. I assume that’s because I’m one of the few guys on staff who reads for fun (the latest book: “Morbo” by Phil Ball) and not because I’m good or anything. Never having used it—I’ll try to steal Peter’s this week—I will say it looks fairly impressive. Not, ZOMG THIS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD impressive, mind you. I try not to engage in hyperbole.

Ever since I was a boy, people spoke of One Device that would hold all the world’s books and newspapers, all instantly accessible with the touch of a button. (All those other e-readers are dead now, by the way.) And while Kindle isn’t quite Alexandria just yet, 90,000 books ain’t a bad start, especially since I’d be able to download them—for free—wherever there’s a cellphone signal, for $10 a pop doesn’t hurt either and almost brings books into the “impulse buy” category: “Hmm, a book on ancient Mesopotamia… $25?! Ha! No thank you.” That’s happened a few times. (Then I discovered something called a library…)

So again, knowing nothing else, not having touched it, nor held it, nor read books on it for an extended period of time, I am interested in Kindle. (“Kindle,” presumably, in the “oh look, it’s the start of something much bigger” sense) As a poor student, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna shell out $400 for one, but it looks to be the real deal. Maybe one day I’ll even endorse it.

UPDATE: Guys, the next time I use the phrase “real deal” feel free to firebomb my apartment. Lazy writing has no place at CG. Crappy writing, sure, but not lazy writing. Gracias.

Kindle [Amazon]