Forget Apple: Microsoft is Vista's own worst enemy


According to Forrester Research, Vista’s biggest obsticle to adoption isn’t Linux or even OS X, it’s Windows XP. And they’re right.

Vista still isn’t ready for desktops. Or servers. Or, well, anything. It’s a bloated OS, there’s no doubt about it. Sure, it’s got a pretty face, but an OS needs to do more than look good, and there really isn’t anything Vista can do that XP can’t with some tweaking.

The supremecy of XP isn’t just about Vista being new, though: there are still many, many specialized apps that won’t run on the newer OS. That, combined with the fact that most of the hardware people have already invested in won’t run it well enough to be useful works against its adoption. In short, it’s ahead of its time, and not in a good way.

While we honestly think that Vista is a step in the right direction for Windows, we think Microsoft is missing the point. Windows needs to get slimmer and easier, and Vista, at least from an XP user’s standpoint, is not that.

Windows XP is ‘biggest rival’ to Vista
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