Social Networking Platform CrowdVine Targets Conference Organizers

White label social networking platform CrowdVine, which we have covered a couple of times in this past year, has released a new offering called “CrowdVine for Conferences” that further cements its focus of hosting networks meant for conference attendees.

The free version of CrowdVine for Conferences provides much of the same, simple functionality of a non-conference network (now dubbed “CrowdVine for Groups”). But if you are organizing a conference with 300 attendees or less, you’ll have access to a handful of useful features. Network members can indicate not only their friends but the people they “want to meet” at the conference. Conference organizers can integrate Twitter streams and 3rd-party wikis. And everyone can export the contact information of attendees as vCards after the conference ends (a feature I so wish Facebook and other social networks would adopt).

If you’re willing to pay, you can raise the attendee limit to 1000 ,or unlimited, and gain access to even more features. Advertisements can be removed, you will be given a “dedicated community manager” who helps to foster your network, attendee data can be analyzed to determine who contributed most to the event, speaker information can be imported, sponsorships can be incorporated, and a sessions calendar can be set up. CrowdVine has also partnered with Pathable to create custom, physical badges that show tags and likenesses for each attendee.

For an example of what CrowdVine can do for conferences, check out the Future of Web Apps network and, in particular, its sessions calendar.

Read this coverage to learn about how Confabb is organizing conference information as well.