XM, Sirius shareholders vote on proposed merger today, await "OK" from gov't regulators

Yes, the painfully original XM-Sirius “logo” strikes again

Judging by a number posts from earlier in the year, I can tell that a few of you are fans of, or at least followers of, of satellite radio. It may interest you to know that today is the day when shareholders of both XM and Sirius vote the proposed merger up or down. It’s expected that both groups will give the merger the thumbs-up, which is nice and all, but for the merger to actually happen, it needs to be approved by the FCC and the Department of Justice.

Not too long ago, I defended the merger mainly because listeners have many other options to get their audio fix, be it their iPod/Zune/whatever, regular radio, music-playing cellphones, etc. Truthfully it won’t bother me one way or the other, but I am quite interested to see how the various regulators decide on this one.

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