I can't legally download a song? Fine, to the Dark Web I go


And people wonder why kids these days resort to piracy. I was just browsing Beatport looking for a certain mix of The Gossip’s “Jealous Girls.” Lo and behold it’s on the site, mine for $1.49, which isn’t entirely unreasonable (I once paid $2.49 for a single MP3), especially considering it’s a DRM-free 320kbps MP3. So I go ahead and click “buy,” only to be told “hey there, hot stuff, that song is territorially restricted, better luck next time.”

Oh really?

So because I couldn’t legally purchase the song, as I was fully prepared to do, I fired up SolarSeek and within two minutes had it playing in iTunes. How are music companies expected to compete with illegal downloads when good samaritans like myself can’t legally purchase them? It’s simply mind blowing that stupid things like territory restrictions still exist.

/end rant

Get your act together, Beatport