Newsflash: Working for Google early on makes you rich


This lady’s name is Bonnie Brown. She’s a skillionaire. She wasn’t always rich, though. Back in 1999, she was making $450 a week as a masseuse for Google, which at that time had 40 employees. Boy oh boy, Google must have known it was going to be huge to hire a masseuse for only 40 people. The last company I worked for had over 300 people and there was no masseuse and no free food except for a temperamental popcorn machine.

Anyway, when Bonnie left Google, the stock was at $85 per share. It recently just broke $700 per share. She’s a smart lady for holding onto it until now. Lucky, too, because she has her own masseuse now. My how the padded tables with face holes have turned.

Google Options Make Masseuse a Multimillionaire [New York Times]