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Blogfriends, the Facebook application for adding blogs to your Facebook feed, plans to come out of beta next Monday with a full launch, promising to do something to monetise blogs in a way they haven’t been before [Update: they now say they won’t ‘monetise’ for a while yet and the app will be available from here]. It’s a tall order, but there’s something about privately-held i-together and its CEO Luke Razzell which gives me a hunch that they may just do something interesting. Why do I think that? Blogfriends is a smart app inside Facebook which attempts to mashup up your interests with your social network in order to bring you only the blog posts that you want to read. It’s a slick application and I’m told the feedback from users I know has been pretty good. The other reason is that Razzell – who I have met a couple of times at business events – has an almost academic, granular insight into the concept of identity – something you will also pick up from reading his own blog and that of I-Together’s. If Facebook is about anything, it’s about identity, which is what suggests that Blogfriends may be up to something interesting. I don’t for a moment think it will replace the big heavyweight feed-readers like Google Reader of course. But it may do a lot to make RSS and feeds more mainstream via the mainstream audience in Facebook.


  • alan p

    I think this will be a textbook case of building a (low cost) beta app on Facebook then rolling it out bigger and farther. Good luck, Luke.

  • Drew B

    I think FB apps are starting to get a bit spammy – even the genuinely useful ones

  • Jof Arnold

    @mike, alan: thanks
    Of course we hope Blog Friends *will* replace your conventional feed reader. I know I’m biased, but I use Blog Friends about 10x more than I do google reader – purely because it always supplies me with something new and interesting to read as well as more familiar blogs. Actually, come to think of it I only use the google app now when I’m on the train – and even then it’s mostly to read my Blog Friends stream.

    Hopefully you’ve never been spammed by Blog Friends. If so, tell me what you are unhappy with and we’ll look into it. We’ve worked really hard in Version 1 to ensure people don’t have to invite friends before using the app etc – so hopefully you’ll not find it spammy at all.

    Jof Arnold, i-together (Blog Friends)

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